Why Choose Our Practice?


As a team we are committed to making your visits as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our aim is to fully educate you on your treatment needs and offer the best possible solutions so that our work can seamlessly integrate into the rest of your dental care. We also aim to continue our commitment beyond the endodontic therapy by offering long-term care for all our patients.


We fully understand that endodontic therapy may present with anxiety and a variety of emotional challenges for any patient. We aim to spend quality time with each individual patient and customise treatment plans that work well with patient schedules and communicate our efforts in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

patient centered care

Our practice philosophy is focused on improving the quality of life by treating patients as a whole not individual teeth. We take into account patient preferences, values, cultural traditions and highly respect socioeconomic conditions. This type of practice philosophy involves carefully evaluating specific patient needs and not treating each patient in the same manner but applying quality decision making strategies to provide the best possible outcomes for every single patient we see in our office.


Our practice is a paperless digital office. We use innovative technologies which effortlessly allow us to achieve a high level of clinical documentation that helps to communicate with patients and referrals about all aspects of endodontic treatment.

restorative dentistry

All of our treatments are complete with the placement of the final restoration. Personal experience as well as clinical research has shown that successful long-term outcomes are dependent on the timely manner of placement and quality of the final restoration after endodontic treatment. The immediate placement of the final restoration also eliminates salivary leakage into the decontaminated root canal systems together with preventing tooth fractures that are an inherent problem with temporary restorations after endodontic treatment. 

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