Why Refer To Us?

Quite simply, we feel that we provide the very finest endodontic care. Our practice model is primarily focused on your patients needs and well-being by providing quality treatments in caring and compassionate environment with long-term aftercare. Our technical treatment is geared towards conservative endodontics thus providing preferable long-term structural outcomes.

What is conservative endodontics?

Conservative endodontics or minimally invasive endodontics aims to preserve as much residual tooth tissue as possible whilst still adhering to the biological principles of endodontic treatment. Traditional approaches to endodontic treatment are geared towards focusing treatment only on the root canals and ignoring irreplaceable valuable dentin in the crown and root which ultimately serves as a foundation for long-term fracture resistance.

Strategically planned access cavities and  root form appropriate canal preparations

Traditional access cavities ignore the presence of high value cervical dentin (peri-cervical dentin) and promote to remove valuable tooth structure for the sole purpose of shaping root canals which coupled with further root dentin removal ultimately leads to fracture of endodontically treated teeth and providing false assumptions that they just don’t work. Our access cavities are designed in a unique manner. We categorize and hierarchically place tooth materials in order of importance thus preserving residual tooth dentin. We also do not shape canals to a pre-determined size as stated by instrument manufacturers more so customize each and every root canal preparation to provide what is just necessary and sufficient to promote healing and long lasting tooth survival.

Why do we place the coronal restoration?

Firstly we do not place coronal restorations for any financial benefit or as a means to overrule treatment plans between the patient and the original provider. Infact the placement of coronal restorations most times exceeds the treatment time for contemporary root canal therapy due to the complexity and nature of many deep margin restoration managements that we feel even under the mitigating circumstances, provides the best quality care for each patient. Not only does it eliminate interim coronal leakage, a problem with temporary restorations but coupled with minimally invasive approaches, the convenience form for placing restoratives under the surgical operating microscope with micro applicator tools is effortlessly precise. We have been placing coronal restorations for many years and it maybe considered as a ‘unique’ endodontic practice, however we work with many dental offices that utilize this service as it makes the continuing treatment easier for any referring dentist and actually salvages more teeth that would have been deemed non-restorable.

Commitment to developing on decision making

We believe that the practice of dentistry is a blend of science and philosophy continuously evolving through the lens of a clinician. Decision making in dentistry is more complex today than ever, with rapid advances in technology and continuous changes in professional attitudes can lead any clinician into more uncertainties. We strive to educate ourselves and our referring dentists on how to better decision make for every patient and to build better mental models via probabilistic decision making strategies. We feel that when viewing predicted outcomes as functions of multiple possibilities it better educates every patient and dentist to specifically understand the pros and cons of endodontic treatment goals.

Follow-up program

We are very passionate about following up with our cases and we encourage that to all our patients and referrals. Follow ups provide a valuable meaning to the word ‘outcome’ for which prior to endodontic therapy and post-endodontic therapy only provide predictions for a suggested outcome. Recalls also help to validate and evolve mental models on how to approach the same type of cases that could present in another patient thus improving on case efficiency and effectiveness.

Follow us online

Please follow our work on Instagram. We post cases to show what’s possible with our practice philosophy and it also offers a platform where dentists and patients can interact and visually learn about how we treat and manage our clinical cases.